Are You Exercising Enough?

Are You Exercising Enough?

Now that you have been exercising for a while, you should probably see some results on yourself, right? Well, if you do not, something might be wrong. For example, the problem may be that you are not having a good balanced diet, or  you are not exercising enough.

If you want to know whether you are exercising enough, you should check out with thee hacks that will tell you whether you should slow down, or speed up!

If you never get tired or sore after workouts, your body might be used to your routine and so, the exercising may have no effect on your body anymore. You need to add something up!

If you are not losing weight, that might be a problem. Your body is supposed to be changing, so, try to do something with your diet or workout routine.

You are not sweating. If you are not sweating, it is bad. You might need to do some cardio or interval exercises to finally start doing something!

If you think that you can go on after your last rep. Then you should probably add weight! Also, if you can still chat with your friend while working out, it is not good.

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