Being Hungry At The Airport

Being Hungry At The Airport

Travelling can be stressful and exhausting. Therefore, it is no wonder that you usually realize how hungry you are only when you finally sit down at the airport and wait for you gate to be open. Well, what can you do in such case? What is the best snack you can have when you are starving at the airport?

Well, you have options, right? There are lots of shops where you can purchase something to stop feeling that terribly hungry. But how do you know whether the snack you are buying is actually good for you? Let´s have a look at some “safe” snacks, shall we?

A green tea with mixed nuts and some fruit is one of the best snacks that you can get at the airport. Nuts are going to make you feel full for a few hours, fruits will help you stop craving for something sweet and green tea will give you the energy you need.

Get a big bottle of water. You need to stay hydrated, right? And get a banana with it!

You can also get an avocado, or tuna salad. Or simply a bowl of vegetable salad.

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