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Are You Always Thirsty? ?>

Are You Always Thirsty?

There are many reasons why you are thristy. Well, one of them is of course, dehydration, however, that is not something we want to talk about, because, it kind of is obvious and you should all know that without drinking water, we cannot survive. But let me now tell you about some other reasons that may be causing your thirst. 1. The first reason is diabetes.High sugar levels in your blood cause your kidneys to produce more urine to get…

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How To Survive College ?>

How To Survive College

If you want to survive college, you need to work hard. You cannot simply go through the college without spending any time studying, but partying and drinking instead. That is just not how it works. And the sooner you realize it, the better. However, for many young people it may be hard to have a schedule that they would stick with. With nobody around to watch out for you, it is much easier to skip classes, right? Well, let’s have…

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The Weirdest Things Ever Googled About Body and Health ?>

The Weirdest Things Ever Googled About Body and Health

Now that we have Google, we do not have to annoy other people by asking about everything we want to know. Although, some of us still do that. Anyway, with Google, everything is easier. Everything that you need or simply want to know can be revealed in under a few seconds. Without any necessity to ask any other person about it. Which makes people ask everything they never dared to ask any other living human being. Like, really weird stuff….

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Should You Start Drinking Red Wine Every Day? ?>

Should You Start Drinking Red Wine Every Day?

A glass of wine a day is said to be beneficial to your body, ain´t that right? I bet that you have already heard this somewere. However, is it true? Or do people simply want us to continue drinking thinking that it is actually healthy? Well, let´s have a look at a study from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. But before that happens, let me just remind you that this study was performed on people with type-2 diabetes,…

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Eat These Foods And Have Heathy Eyes! ?>

Eat These Foods And Have Heathy Eyes!

You have probably heard about carrots and the positive effect they have on your sight. Well, we all have. But the fact is that there are more foods which you can eat in order to have healthy eyes. Afterall, it is important to think about the future, right? And even if you do not have any problems with your eyes now, you might want to make sure that such things will not happen to you. So what are the foods…

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