Crazy Myths About Spanish Fly Containing Poison Debunked ?>

Crazy Myths About Spanish Fly Containing Poison Debunked

If you know Spanish Fly, then you probably know that it is a herbal aphrodisiac with zero side effects that definitely does not contain poison.

Or not?

Well, the truth is that when it comes to Spanish Fly, it all gets tricky. The original Spanish Fly did contain poison. But fortunately, this product is now forbidden and is no longer used! And, it did not even work, but people still used it because they thought that the irritation it caused was arousal. But in fact, it was not. The irritation was caused by cantharidin, which was, in fact, the poison.

So, this is the truth about Spanish Fly containing poison. It is all in the past. But still, the product is made even nowadays. So, how is it possible?


Well, the answer is easy! The products that are made today are using the name Spanish Fly but have nothing in common with the original composure of the product. These are natural and have no side effects.

And, they work and improve low libido instantly! And, they do not cause irritation! One of such products is Spanish Fly LOVE, or Spanish Fly Pro! Both of these products are drops which are mixed with any kind of drink and work within minutes!

So, do not be afreaid to use Spanish Fly products! Just make sure that you know what they are made of! The new Spanish Fly libido enhancers will definitely not disappoint you.