How To Make Period Easier

How To Make Period Easier

Once again, you are expecting your period to come and to be terrifying. Well, you can do something about it in order to make it suck less. And no, we are not talking about taking pain killers. Here is a list of some great tips that will help you get through your period without the incredible pain.

1. If you like to workout and you do not really want to stop working out during your period, you should get Dear Kate Relay Pants that offer leak protection! But only for the light days!

2. Download an app that will help you track your period all the things that come with it. It is scary, but pretty awesome and you should definitely have it!

3. Try a reusable pad. Well, we know, it may sound disgusting at first, however, it really is not!

4. Get yourself some proper peiod panties that will offer the comfort that you need.

5. Try menstrual cup. It is ecological and very comfortable!

6. Prepare a playlist of the best songs that you like to listen to while you are on your period.

7. Try LOLA tampons service. They can be delivered to you so that you do not have to run into the drugstore for tampons once you get your period.

8. Get Ruby´s Red Wash in order to get rid of blood stains.


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