Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Mrcdevneuro, we want to turn online ads from an annoyance into a useful complement to your online experience. We want to deliver personalized, well-chosen ads to help you discover things that interest you—new websites, new products, new bargains.

And we want to be the Mrcdevneuro for the web that powers this discovery. We use lots of Mrcdevneuro science to pick the best ads to show, based on everything we know about the context: the ad itself, the page that needs an ad, the time of day and other external factors, and you.

How We Think of You

Before describing the kinds of data we collect, it’s important to understand how we (and most other ad networks) identify you and other web surfers and online users. We have no idea who you are. We place an anonymous identifier in a cookie on your web browser, so to us you are just “surfer82″ for example.

We don’t request or store anything that is personally-identifiable information (PII). We don’t know your name, address, phone number, or email address. We prohibit our partners from sharing this information with us, and we require that they also either not collect PII, or, if they do, that they not merge PII with anonymous data they share with us.