Things Women Do While They Are On Period

Things Women Do While They Are On Period

We all know that anything can happen during period. Women do the craziest things that they will never admit to. However, we know what these things are. Do you want to know? I bet you do!

1. There is never enough food. It does not really matter what it is, if it is food, women will eat it.

2. Sometimes, when the period comes on a very unexpected day, women are forced to get very creative. Very creative with paper products. Let us not discuss this.

3. They are too happy. Too happy because they know that they are not pregnant. Sometimes they are really nervous when their period is late.

4. If they need a tampon they will get it somehow. Even if that means that they have to ask everybody in the office. And they do not care about telling everyone.

5. Wearing granny panties. Women love to wear unsexy panties when they are on their period. Every woman has a special collection.

6. They are skipping the gym classes. Or any movement.

7. The hormones do not get the best of you. Believe me. And you probably know that. They make you a crazy person.

8. The weird positions that are absolutely necessary in order to fight the cramps.

Well, how do you feel on your period?


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