When Spanish Fly Love Helps?

When Spanish Fly Love Helps?

Why Aren’t You As Horny As Before?


In recent times the reasons that can off set your sexual appetite are more than you can imagine both physically and mentally.

Let’s find out what are the causes of your low libido and when Spanish Fly Love can help you!


Physical Causes

Though physical causes are quite rare, but can happen from time to time, like after giving birth or menopause. Some of the physical causes that might cause you to lose your libido are:

  • Anaemia, which is quite common in women because of iron loss during periods.
  • Drug abuse.
  • Major diseases, such as diabetes.
  • Child Birth Trauma
  • Post-baby ‘coolness’, caused by hormonal changes after giving birth.
  • Prescribed drugs, particularly tranquillisers.
  • Hyperprolactinaemia – a rare disorder in which the pituitary gland is overactive.
  • Luteinising hormone (LH) often cause lack of desire
  • Decrease in testosterone and other androgens as women age


Mental Causes

Unlike physical causes of low libido mental causes are quite common, but prove harder to cure. This mainly happens when a women is feeling bad about something or is experiencing a mental trauma. Most psychological causes include:

  • depression
  • stress and overwork
  • anxiety
  • Childhood trauma
  • Sexual abuse trauma
  • Potential lesbianism; try switching partners and see how that goes for you.
  • Relationships problems
  • Hard living conditions



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