When You Stop Using Nail Polish

When You Stop Using Nail Polish

We know that it will probably be totally useless trying to persuade you not to use nail polish, however, we will try it anyway and perhaps, it will work out! Once you read about all the great things that happen when you stop using it, we bet that you will want to try it at least.

1. Your nails will become stronger. If you are using nail polish believing it can make your nails stronger, then you are not doing the best thing. Instead, stop using it.

2. Your nails will not be yellow anymore. Once you start using nail polish it is difficult to stop. It is simple, your nails turn yellow and you simply do not want everyone to see it so your cover it up with another nail polish. It is a vicious circle.

3. The rough white patches will disappear! Give your nails some rest and you will see!

4. You will learn something about your health. Nails can tell you a lot with their discoloration etc.

5. You will protect your body from the chemicals that are in nail polish.

Well, of course this does not mean that your nails should look ugly just because you do not put nail polish on them. We bet that you know that there are many things you can do in order to make them stylish!


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