Which Healthy Advice Should You Ignore?

Which Healthy Advice Should You Ignore?

Do you know how to distinguish the good healthy advice from the bad one? Well, do not worry if you don´t, because we know it! And we are here to share some great tips with you!

You have probably read about lots of healthy tips from celebs, right? And you probably thought that if it is working for them it will also work for you! Well, you were wrong. Here are some tips you should not believe:

1. Women should lift weights. All of them. No, they should not. It all depends on you and your preferences. If you do not want to lift weights, you do not have to!

2. You should not eat after 7 p.m. Some people believe that if they eat in the evening, they will never get skiny. Well, it is not true. Instead, focus on how much calories you eat per day.

3. For a mouthwash, combine apple cider vinegar and lime juice. No. Never. It is not going to help you anyhow, only to ruin your enamel which you probably do not want to happen, right?

4. Every calorie is the same. No, calories are different. If you eat 50 calories of chocolate the result will definitely not the same as if you ate 50 calories of carrot.

5. You should not eat carbs while on a diet. Oh, you should! Your body needs them!

And, never believe when a celebrity is promoting some crazy special kind of diet. It usually is not healthy at all and definitely not suitable if you want to avoid the “yo-yo” effect.

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